A.C.A. Arts & Culture Association is a neutral and independent non-profit organisation and our founding members work as volunteers, graciously investing a lot of time for our community. We only have 1 (part-time) employee at the moment who takes care of the daily management and organisation of the events.
Our main revenues come from our various very generous partners who support our community in a financial way or by hosting an event and providing catering for our guests. Our members and friends also support us with a small fee. We are really grateful and want to thank every single one of them!
If you too would like to support our community and be part of this great adventure, don’t hesitate to JOIN US.

The purpose of the A.C.A. Arts & Culture Association is to:

· Support and promote culture, history and heritage;
· Promote the Arts and artists in general, i.e. in the fields of painting, literature, drawing, sculpture, photography, cinema, design, architecture, music, etc;
· Provide and manage a space to better promote the Arts and artists, and invite artists to propose develop and carry out art and culture related projects in A.C.A.’s space;
· Collaborate with other associations, institutions and venues sharing similar values and interests;
· Produce, publish and share informative A.C.A. publications such as Newsletters, quarterly digital magazine and yearly Book;
· Produce, edit, and share audiovisuals of A.C.A. Art Talks and other selected events for promotional purposes of the Arts, the Association and its members;
· Maintain a sense of fellowship amongst members;
· Act as a service and information bureau for artists, collectors and the press;
· Aim to reach an increasingly broad and international audience and to expand Patron Membership by offering a wide variety of opportunities for involvement in the art world;
· Build Art collections of artistic, cultural and historical value. 

Andreia Pina

Founder & President

Working with Architecture and Property Development, as well as dealing with art and precious gemstones, led to opening an art gallery in Marbella centre in 2015.
Art and gem collector herself and an avid birdwatcher, Andreia Pina is also the founder and a patron of the Love Your Village Foundation in Sri Lanka.


Julian Wheeler

Founder & Treasurer

Julian is an English businessman who has lived and worked in Spain for ten years. He loves to travel and takes great interest in the worlds of art. He has a passion for environmental issues and birdwatching and was a founder member of the Love Your Village Foundation in Sri Lanka, a country where much of his business life has been spent.


Jonathan Thakur

Founder & Secretary

Jonathan trained as a luthier and musical instrument technician before moving to Spain as a professional musician. More recently he worked with numerous film companies as production manager, has tirelessly supported charity events and has accumulated an array of contacts in the world of Music, Cinema and Arts.


Gregor Nusser


Born into a family of art dealers, Gregor has been active in both the contemporary and fine art world for 30 years and is currently committed to a series of art projects. In addition to an engagement in culture, he is focused on addressing issues concerning environmental, sociopolitical and philosophical topics.


Christophe de Landtsheer




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