Memberships & Benefits

A.C.A. Arts & Culture Association is constituted for the purpose of supporting and promoting Culture, History, Heritage and the Arts in general, by providing and managing a space to develop and carry out art and culture related projects while collaborating with other associations, institutions and venues sharing similar values and interests in Art, Literature and Science.
Members are the heart of A.C.A. and we encourage our members to volunteer and to submit proposals for projects, to assist in the organisation of events or even to collaborate with our digital magazine.
Art, culture, literature and science related events usually invite us all to observe or to participate, to learn or to collect, to network and to discuss ideas. But ultimately, and perhaps culturally more important, it invites all to share opinions, preferences and even philosophies.

Membership offers artists, art professionals and art lovers the opportunity to be part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Discover the benefits of joining A.C.A.!
There are memberships for artists and non-artists alike. Find the one that fits you best and join today!